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DRMCS Website System - ChromeBooks Tips
ChromeBooks Filter
    --> All school issued chromebooks are filtered back thru the school filter, even if they are off school campus. i.e. public locations, home.

Chromebook Printing
    --> It is not possible to connect a "usb" printer to the chromebook. Printing is only possible to the school printers. A document can be printed
            to the school printers even off site.
    --> To print at home, you will need to download the document to a thumb drive(usb drive) as a pdf document, then either plug the thumb drive
             into you printer if it is  capable of direct printing from a thumb drive. Or, plug into your home computer and print document.
    --> Or you can also just login to google drive on your home computer and print the document.

Battery - Testing
    --> ctrl + alt + t at same time on keyboard
        --> black screen will appear - Text Terminal Mode
            --> Type in "battery_test 0"
                    -> this will report on heath of battery and charging circuit.

Battery - Dead
    --> If you find the battery maybe dead and will not charge.
         -->Inform your teacher and a new battery will be installed.              .

ChromeBooks Tips